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MSP-1 Results September 2015

MSP-2 Results September 2015

MSP-3 Results September 2015

MSP-4 Results September 2015

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Project Title To establish Madrassa Model Schools in Religious Madaris.


Sector Education
  Targeted Beneficiaries All the religious Madaris situated in Pakistan without any sectarian discrimination.


Existing Project Area Pilot Phase ( First Phase ) of Madrassa School Project Islamabad Capital Territory ( ICT ).

Project Executive Summary
It is the prime objective of the Association to provide free of cost quality education to deserving communities at their doorstep.

Almost more than 80% students of religious madrassa belong to poor communities and their parents cannot afford to provide them basic necessities and education. In majority of Madrassas of Pakistan, middle level of school education is essential for admission in advanced Islamic education program (Darse Nazami etc) after completion of Hifz-ul-Quran by the Madrassa students. Similarly student of these religious school cannot get admission in formal schools and other educational institutes after completing Hifz-ul Quran due to lack of basic formal school education.

Keeping in view the problems faced by madrassa students, a project is launched for student of religious schools (Madrassas) to enable them to get quality school education at their door step along with religious education so they may able to compete in the current educational structure. In the inception phase, four Madrassas had been equipped with formal primary level education facilities in various sector of Islamabad. Keeping in view the good response in this phase of the project, we are planning to establish such facilities in all interested religious madrassa located in Islamabad and then other parts of the country. We are considering these cases and application are pending subject to availability of funds.

The following map specify the location of Four ( 4) Madrassa School equipped with formal education facilities by the Association and sector wise location of all Madrassas in Islamabad:

The Association has the objective to provide educational facilities to all religious Madrassas without any sectarian and gender discrimination.

Project Objectives
• To contribute in the targets set in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for universal primary education through this project.
• To provide quality primary school education to Madaris students by establishing a primary level schools inside the Madaris after taking consent of the Madrassa management.
• To introduce a parallel schooling system (at least 3 hour daily) with the consent of Madaris management, through which primary school education requirement of the Madaris students as realized in need assessment can be full filled.
• To provide literate students to Madaris for admission in mutawasta 3rd examinations of Madaris board. (Darse- Nazami).
• To ensure that every Madrassa student can pass primary level of education in period of three years.
• To enable Madaris students to carry on school education after 5th class.
• To provide technical education (Vocational trainings) to interested Madaris students, who had passed at least primary level of education?
• To improve the quality of education in existing school through Collaborative efforts.
• To introduce computer educations for madaris students who had passed primary level education.
• To provide regular education back up support to student who want to continue their education, through association “Student Education Support Program” (scholarship)
• To create awareness of school education among Madaris student and management, so they would continue their education after primary level and be a part of society events like the other students.
• To reduce the psychological effects on Madaris students’ personality through sports events, joyful learning technique of education, and other recreational activities.
• To establish medium level libraries with each school equipped with wide variety of books to broaden the vision and knowledge of Madaris students.

Syllabus Studied In Madrassa Schools
In all Madrassa school are Urdu medium. All the course books prescribed by Federal Board of Education for Federal Governments Primary Schools are studied in Madrassa schools. Each education session consists of 6 months. Mid-Term Exams are held after 3 months and final Exams are held at the end of 6 months.

Class Promoting Time Schedule



Duration in
One Class

Total Duration

  One Six Months 6 Months
  Two Six Months 1 Year
  Three Six Months 1.5 Year
  Fourth Six Months 2 Years
  Fifth One Year 3 Years

Establishment of Libraries in Existing Madrassa Schools
The purpose of this project is to make available various varieties of books for madrassa students, in order to enhance their vision and knowledge.


If you also want to establish a Madrassa School in your madrassa then please down load form below , fill it and submit it to Project Coordinator Madrassa School Project Head Office: House # 361-B, Street 33, F-11/2 Islamabad-Pakistan.

Download Madrassa School Opening Application Form


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MSP-1 Results
September 2015
MSP-2 Results
September 2015
MSP-3 Results
September 2015
MSP-4 Results
September 2015

MSP Results April 2015


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