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Project Title To provide educational and living financial assistance to deserving students.


Sector Education
  Targeted Beneficiaries All the deserving students of Pakistan.
  Existing Project Area First Phase project work is in progress in Six (6) most affected union councils of the tehsil Balakot of district Mansehra.


Current Status This project has been currently suspended due to funding issues.

Project Executive Summary
This project had been started in January 2009. In inception phase, six most affected union council from October 8, 2005, earthquake of tehsil Balakot of District Mansehra has been selected. Our data collection teams had collected data of 1,639 orphans and deserving students form these six union councils. After collection of data the verification process has been started and up to September 2009, about 120 students have been verified for educational support out of which contract has been singed with 80 beneficiaries students. At present Association is looking for sponsorship resources for these deserving students. Our plan is to start quarterly scholarships for these highly deserving students of poor families subject to availability of sponsorship on regular basis. However, the Association is trying to meet the educational needs of selected deserving student from its limited available resources.

Project Objectives
• To provide education scholarship to selected beneficiaries.
• To monitor and improve the education performance of the sponsor student.
• Career Development of scholar through effective career counseling process.
• To make accessible quality education facilities to deserving scholar.
• To bring sustainability in project by effective monitoring process.
• To find or create job opportunities for sponsored student educated family members.
• To bring education awareness in backward areas deserving families.

Union Council wise list of deserving students selected for sponsorship up till now on the basis of scoring criteria are tabulated below:


  Union Councils Male Female


  Balakot 05 02 07
  Garlat 09 08 17
  Shohal Mazullah 08 07 15
  Karnol 06 05 11
  Talhatta 04 01 05
  Garhihabibullah 13 12 25
  Total 45 35 80

Project Area
In the First Phase project work is in progress in Six (6) most affected union councils of the tehsil Balakot of district Mansehra, however data collection work would be extended into other deprived area on the basis of preliminary surveys.

1) Union Council Balakot
2) Union Council Garlat
3) Union Council Shohal Mazullah
4) Union Council Talhatta
5) Union Council Karnol
6) Union Council Garhi Habibullah

Selection Process of the Deserving Beneficiaries Students
Brief introduction of selection process of deserving students is given in following lines.

1 :Preliminary Data Collection :
Our data collection teams collect data of various students in remote areas. The preliminary data collected through following sources:

• School Visit
• Community Visit
• Coordination with local CBO
• Meeting with community Elder
• Meeting with Religious leader
• Meeting with Nazim/ Councilor / UC Secretary

2 :Verification of Preliminary Data :
After the collection of the preliminary data, verification process has been started. Following sources are used to verify the provided information through monitoring teams.
• Designed questionnaires.
• Through local school.
• Family members and villagers.
• Through local shopkeepers and neighbors.
• Through Religious leader
• Through Union Councils Secretary
• Through Nazim and Councilosr.
• Through local Communities Based Organization (CBO)

3 :Computerized Scoring :
Computerized scoring has been made on the basis of verified information. Every student who had scored 45 or under 45 marks is considered as a deserving student and his case is forward to Education Support Program Departments in head office, however final selection is made on the basis of available seats (Quota) for union council and least scoring out of collected and verified forms .

4 :Scholarship Agreements with Guardian/ Parents :
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is signed between the selected student parents/guardians. This MOU determine the right of both the parties regarding child education.

5 :Finding of student Sponsorship :
All the selected students allotted a specific registration no with the Association. This no is used for all future reference. Association has an online data base system through which this no is updated on the Association website and request is called for child sponsorship.

6 :Payments Process :
The Sponsored student(s) receives four quarterly payments annually. The sponsorship money is distributed in the months of March, June, September and December.

6 :Following requirements to be furnished by Student :
1- Copy of Father’s CNIC
2- Copy of Mother’s CNIC
3- Copy of Guardian’s CNIC
4- Guardianship Letter (If other than father)
5- Student’s two latest Photographs
6- Copy of form B of the Family
7- Father Death Certificate (if applicable)
8- Father or Guardian certificate to utilize scholarship amount for student education.
9- Family income certificate verified from U/C Nazim Or local Zakat Committee Chairman.

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