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Project Title Establishment of Temporary School for Internally Displaced Personís (IDPís) resided in IDP camp, Upper Batkhaila, Swat.


Sector Education
  Targeted Beneficiaries 400 families residing in IDPs camp Gul Bhar, Upper Batkhaila, Swat.


Current Status This project has been currently suspended due to funding issues.

Project Executive Summary
The Association has carried out valuable work for continuation of the education of the affected areas students due to the unfortunate displacement of the families from the Swat Valley. The Association visited various camps and contributes along with the other Associations / NPOs working in the area.

Due to severe war in the whole division, civil administration and social structure of area is completely destroyed. Most of the educational institutions are either destroyed or not in operational condition. In these areas educational structure is also badly damaged. Due to the absence of an organized educational structure most of the children have to leave their education and also affected psychologically due to the continuous curfew and tense situation of the area. They also feel unsecured, because most of the children lost their nice friends, family members and teachers.

Muhammadan Education and Research Association have operated a primary level school in IDPís camp upper Batkhaila from July 1, 2009 to Aug 8, 2009. The camp consists of about 100 tents, located about 150 km from Mardan. Almost more than 400 families, including the families living in the camps and local residents in the vicinity of the camp, are benefitted from this school. The Association has provided free education, which put healthy impact on the affected IDPís students.




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