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Project Title Vocational Training Centers


Sector Education and socio-economic uplifting
  Targeted Beneficiaries All the deserving people of Pakistan.


Current Status This project has been currently suspended due to funding issues.

Project Executive Summary
The devastating earthquake on October 8, 2005, besides giving birth to various new forms of vulnerabilities, reinforces local community vulnerabilities to the core issue of poverty. Although, continued relief activities are made by Government and non government organizations around the world and the local community gets benefited from the relief resources, however, more steps need to be taken for sustainable growth and development of the affected people. The earthquake has drastically increased the already existing problem of unemployment for both skilled and un-skilled residents of the affected areas.

As per official resources more than 56 percent district’s population lives below poverty line and for every 100 women there are 98 men in the district. The basic reason of poverty in this context perpetuates due to lack of employment opportunities for skilled people, uneven distribution of resources, poor human resource development, low investment in (female) human capital, negative social biases, restriction on female mobility and lack of job oriented vocational training opportunities in the area.

Considering these problems, Muhammadan Education and Research Association in the inception phase started working on assessment and feasibility of the advanced level “Vocational Training Centers” in various locations in District Mansehra. The Association has collected data of more than 1,000 orphan’s family’s in this regard. It is planned to give skilled training to these widows or their family members in these Vocational Training Centers along with providing job and training opportunities to semi-skilled labor in the area through professional trainers as per prevailing market trends, so they may be able to earn for their families. Marketing facilities and resources will be provided for promotion of their products.

This project consists of two phases. In the inception phase, a female “Vocational Training Center” will be open in the District Head Quarter Mansehra that will be accessible for all Tehsils. After completion of the first batch, certificate approved from ‘Pakistan Skilled Council’ will be awarded to successful candidates. In the second phase, out of successful candidates, those who will show excellent performance in the course will be appointed as a trainer in the extension project in the area. It is envisioned that vocational training along with practice will provide career opportunities to skilled women of the district. Our target is to establish small home based industries for the widows and orphans of the locality.


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